Testimony of Joseph Smith

August 24, 2015
     So I guess I will talk about everything that has happened in this last week….really this area is very hard to be able to get it to progress! This week we had a multi zone conference that blew my mind! We actually just talked about the basics of the teaching that we teach but very profoundly! I would like to just have everyone one that reads this think about the first time the realized that they had a testimony of Joseph Smith? And as you are thinking about that I want you to think of how many people that come to church that have a testimony of him…as we at there learning I learned that he is what has made our church different. He has made our church the true church because he brought back to earth the Book of Mormon, temple work, and real baptism. I now have a testimony that without him our church would be just like any other church!
As for my birthday ha it was not one of the best days of my mission….all of the visits and plans that we had feel through and I still didn’t get my package so that was a lil sad. But you know something that life has taught me is that happiness shouldn’t depend on what happens to you but the attitude you have;) As we arrived to the house we had bought marshmallows earlier in the day so we had  contest to see who could put more in ..I lost but I did get 11!
      As I have started to really read the new testament. I really liked in Matthew 6 17 18 when it says “But thou, when thou fastest anoint thy head, and wash thy face””that thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy which is in secret: and thy father which seeth in secret, shall reward the openly” I really like this scripture because we should never do anything fr the sight of man only our Father. I have found that many people think that the things of this world are more important than the things of the world to come. although very sad we often feel that we have to impress the people here with the way we look what we do with other people when really we are like unto the fariseos when we put the materials above him.
     I love this gospel. I love my family. I love everything I am able to do for my Father for that is my greatest reward!

Two Baptisms and a Wedding

I have had a very eventful week so I am beyond excited to tell you guys about it!  My new comp and I have had the opportunity to go into their part of the area and I walked in on three baptisms and a wedding;) sick right? I had one baptism my first day with them and then this last week I had the chance to do a wedding and a baptism this last Friday and Saturday! So I will start off with the wedding.  It was actually quite stressful. I finally realize the real work that goes into doing such a grand thing. We started off Friday with making empanadas for like 5 hours straight but that was the fun part of the day. We actually got many less actives to help us and feel the spirit of service! So as we were doing that,  we were doing a lot of just crazy stuff to be able to help the people be comfortable with us!
Then came the real fun! An hour of blowing up balloons! We had a less active member that just goes crazy when you give him something to do! Being as crafty as we are,  we made flowers out of the balloons and taped them to the wall. In turn it actually looked like someone who actually knew what they were doing had done the decorations. Then for the wedding itself….The weddings here,  to me,  seem like they aren’t even that big of a deal because the lady just rattles something off and then says kiss the bride! But there was a lady that brought a papaya and pineapple and wholly that was soooo delicious!!!!
Spiritual Thoughts:
Do you love Christ?
I am serving a mission because I love Christ,
I teach the people of Bolivia because I love Christ
I read my scriptures because I love Christ
I take the sacrament because I love Christ
I learn more about Christ because I love Him so much
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The Two Cristians

This week was something to talk about and it all starts off with the little things.  I had the impression to invite two kids to be baptized this week which was really a treat;) ha ! Well, the first young man is named Cristian. He is 18 years old and is a kid that has a good home and parents and is very interested in the church! As we go through this struggle for a lesson. I go to extend the invitation of being baptized and I totally butcher it!!! I felt like an idiot but that’s kind of whatever !! haha So, I ask him “¿serà bautizado por alguien?” (will you be baptized for someone?)  and he was like “que dijò?” (what did you say?) So I calmly tried asking again but i couldn’t seem to get the words to come out of my mouth correctly! My new comp totally took over and explained what baptism is and we have a baptism for the 22 of August!!!!!
Now for the second kid! So …he does have the same name, Cristian,  but he is 19.  Like the other Cristian, he is an amazing kid! So this time I actually practiced what I was going to say and during the entire lesson I was just thinking about what the kid is like and what he might enjoy. I had the impression that he needs to be baptized. When I extended the invitation “¿ serà bautizado por alguien que posea la autoridad de Dios?”  ( Will you be baptized by someone who has the authority of God? ) he just said “yo fue bautizado” (I was already baptized) and I had a mini panic attack and said…we will talk next time;)
So something I was studying today.  I was reading in chapter 17  in Jesus The Christ today. I  came across something that was very interesting . It says “mere pleasure is at best but fleeting, happiness is abiding, for in the recollection there of a joy renewed.” I really like this part because a lot of people say that to have happiness in this world we need to surround ourselves with all of the best of pleasures and this I have found to be a lie… This is obvious so I will say it again “mere pleasure is at best but fleeting”. I have had many experiences that I look back on the pleasures of life and think that that brought me happiness for but a short period of time.. I testify that we are in a world of pleasure but we need to be a people of happiness!
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Elder Tristan Mell