A Summer With Great-Aunt Rose

November 19, 2015

I have some time to think this week about some of the things that I have had trouble with in the mission. Some of the things have been health, comps, and the food. Although these things have been hard for me I have learned the gift of be positive! I was reading this morning in a talk given in the last conference but I believe that it was in the “only women part” about two wonderful people. Their names are Eva & Aunt Rose, the condensed story is that Eva had to go to the house of her Aunt Rose for the summer. Eva thought that everything was going to be really boring because the house was old and that there wasn’t her family or friends. Time past by Eva realized that her Aunt Rose wasn’t boring but really the happiest person she had ever met. As the timed came to and end with her Aunt, Eva asked “how are you so happy?” She answered with a painting. The painting depicted a pioneer girl, who was jumping down a green lined trail. She asked “what do you see?”.Eva responded “a girl that is jumping”, she her Aunt explained that she was happy to be on the trail although there was many trials. What I love most about the story is the following response “There is enough things in life that don’t go well, anyone can sink into the heaviness and the sadness. Although I know many people that, even when things do go well, they focus on the wonders and miracles of life.”

great aunt rose

As I have reflected on my week, I have figured out that it is easier to focus on what is bad than what has been the miracles. I will share something very personal, this week I had the opportunity to fast outside of the Sunday fast day, and wow… to give a little bit of background story, for the entire week before this day I had not felt the Spirit and it made me sorrowful. I had pleaded and pleaded with God to be able to give me a portion again but he did not, or at least I thought. As I was sitting in my at a members house, I asked if I could start my fast in his room and he said yes. As I put my knees to the floor I said “Father, I can not do this anymore, I need your help…”. when all of the sudden I felt happy. I felt as if someone had put there arms around me and said everything is going to be ok. I cried for a few more minutes and there it was a new me.

I can testify that when are down we need to look for the help of our Savior and our friend.I can also testify that I would be here almost at a year away from everything if I didn’t have a strong testimony that Joseph Smith restored what we know as the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Amen