My Thoughts On Bolivia

September 21, 2015

Ok so for this week I am not going to tell any thing to crazy spiritual but more the things that I like about Bolivia.

     Well I will start off with the food. The food here is rather different from the States. It is full of grease and everything is fried. We have thin called milonesa which is like a pressed chicken breast that is breaded and fried. RICE oh my gosh so much rice but I have grown to love the rice here. The norm here for breakfast is something called a saltiña or a empanada which is like a hot pocket from heaven they are soooooo good!
     My area is literally jungle and farm! Although there is much city around the highway once you get about ten minutes away it turns into farm. There is this one part in my area that live people called cholitas…these people come from La Paz and they do not really like the North Americans..ha! The people here are humble but are sometimes hardhearted to the message that we give which makes me really sad…
     The church here. The church here is still very small but is growing lil by lil. This week we taught on how to become a ward and not stay a branch and it helped the members here to become a lot more excited for the new capilla.
     As for a spiritual note, I had the chance to talk about Jesus Christ in church this week. I talked about how many times do we think about him because before the mission I was very much a Sunday Mormon….I feel…  as I have not put my thoughts in anything else but him and his teachings I have realized that we as members do not think of him as much as we should. I love my savior and know that He lives and is trying to guide us in the last days!!

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