Sins and Butterflies


Ok so this week has been very crazy! I have had a transfer! I REPEAT I HAVE HAD A TRANSFER!!!!! Right now I am with my new comp, Elder Britt, from Saint George Utah! Although it has been really sad to leave my area, I have learned how much I actually loved the people of Los Chacos…I had been there for almost 7 months and it really did feel like a home ward. I do just want to say that I do feel needed in my new area EL TORNO, which is the farthest place from the city without being considered outside of the city. It has been exactly like what Cobija was and I am really starting to love all the people here!
This week I had the opportunity to attend a funeral which, to be honest, was one of the saddest things that I have seen in my mission…even though I did not know the person that was dead, I could really feel the true mourning that was coming from this family for the loss of their son. As I had the opportunity to get to know who he was through these people, I now know that he was a member of the Church and that he truly loved the people around him. I am so happy to have the testimony that I have of the plan of salvation. It has brought me more happiness than any sort of sadness that I have ever felt. As I heard the cries of the mother, I just thought about the day that I left on my mission and seeing my family crying, but knowing I would see them again brought me happiness. That is the same principle. When someone dies we need to know that we will see them again … it will only be but a short time in our lives…

Spiritual thought:

This week, a girl in testimony meeting shared a story that I would like to share with you guys. She shared a story of a butterfly that was being killed by ants. What was amazing is she related it back to how we have sins. They might not be as big as us but in time the kill us at times physically but more often than not spiritually. They slowly sneak up and climb onto our back and inject their poison. At first, we may not feel one, but than another climbs on and bites and another and another until we die. This death can easily be avoided by brushing them off with the atonement and just keep moving forward….

Butterfly 01

I testify that Jesus lives and that He is my Savior and because of Him, I can live with my Father again and take upon me His glory. Amen


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