God Really Loves His Children


Hey, so I have had a very different week this week but has been one of the ones where I have been able to find that God really loves his children. So, the past few weeks have been full of chastisement and I have finally got to see the fruits of the hard work that the Lord has been doing here! Last week, we had a family that had not attended church for awhile. After not attend church again, we kind of gave it to them hard and guess what happened the next week ? They attended with smile on their faces;) I say this because at time we do not realize that we are doing something wrong and people tell them over and over again but it never really sinks in…until God sends a messenger to tell them that this could be better so please fix it. Although sometimes it is hard, I know that we can fix all the problems we have through Jesus Christ.

Something that was fun this week is that we had a Brotherhood night. It was actually really fun because we can act like kids again playing telephone and I give you a book! Sometimes we feel as if the church is work work work , which really it is,  but we also can have fun in the process. We can play games, dance, or even just sit down and read together! I feel that the little thing of life are of the most worth and the things  of this earth that are of the most worth actually don’t mean a thing.
I just wanted to say that I love you guys and that truly I have been called to participate in a great work

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