God Really Loves His Children


Hey, so I have had a very different week this week but has been one of the ones where I have been able to find that God really loves his children. So, the past few weeks have been full of chastisement and I have finally got to see the fruits of the hard work that the Lord has been doing here! Last week, we had a family that had not attended church for awhile. After not attend church again, we kind of gave it to them hard and guess what happened the next week ? They attended with smile on their faces;) I say this because at time we do not realize that we are doing something wrong and people tell them over and over again but it never really sinks in…until God sends a messenger to tell them that this could be better so please fix it. Although sometimes it is hard, I know that we can fix all the problems we have through Jesus Christ.

Something that was fun this week is that we had a Brotherhood night. It was actually really fun because we can act like kids again playing telephone and I give you a book! Sometimes we feel as if the church is work work work , which really it is,  but we also can have fun in the process. We can play games, dance, or even just sit down and read together! I feel that the little thing of life are of the most worth and the things  of this earth that are of the most worth actually don’t mean a thing.
I just wanted to say that I love you guys and that truly I have been called to participate in a great work

Joseph Smith is a Prophet

I guess I will talk about everything that has happened in this last week….really this area is very hard to be able to get it to progress! This week we had a multi zone conference that blew my mind! We actually just talked about the basics of the teaching that we teach but very profoundly! I would like to just have everyone that reads this think about the first time the realized that they had a testimony of Joseph Smith. As you are thinking about that, I want you to think of how many people that come to Church that have a testimony of him…as we at there learning I learned that he is what has made our Church different. He has made our Church the true Church because he brought back to earth the Book of Mormon, temple work, and real baptism. I now have a testimony that without him our Church would be just like any other Church!
As for my birthday,  ha it was not one of the best days of my mission….all of the visits and plans that we had feel through and I still didn’t get my package so that was a lil sad.
As I have started to really read the New Testament, I really liked in matthew 6: 17 -18 when it says “But thou, when thou fastest anoint thy head, and wash thy face” “that thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy which is in secret: and thy father which seeth in secret, shall reward the openly” I really like this scripture because we should never do anything for the sight of man only our Father. I have found that many people think that the things of this world are more important than the things of the world to come. Although very sad we often feel that we have to impress the people here with the way we look. What we do with other people when really we are like unto the Pharisees when we put the materials above Him.
I love this gospel. I love my family. I love everything I am able to do for my Father for that is my greatest reward!
IMG_1733 IMG_1722

Sins and Butterflies


Ok so this week has been very crazy! I have had a transfer! I REPEAT I HAVE HAD A TRANSFER!!!!! Right now I am with my new comp, Elder Britt, from Saint George Utah! Although it has been really sad to leave my area, I have learned how much I actually loved the people of Los Chacos…I had been there for almost 7 months and it really did feel like a home ward. I do just want to say that I do feel needed in my new area EL TORNO, which is the farthest place from the city without being considered outside of the city. It has been exactly like what Cobija was and I am really starting to love all the people here!
This week I had the opportunity to attend a funeral which, to be honest, was one of the saddest things that I have seen in my mission…even though I did not know the person that was dead, I could really feel the true mourning that was coming from this family for the loss of their son. As I had the opportunity to get to know who he was through these people, I now know that he was a member of the Church and that he truly loved the people around him. I am so happy to have the testimony that I have of the plan of salvation. It has brought me more happiness than any sort of sadness that I have ever felt. As I heard the cries of the mother, I just thought about the day that I left on my mission and seeing my family crying, but knowing I would see them again brought me happiness. That is the same principle. When someone dies we need to know that we will see them again … it will only be but a short time in our lives…

Spiritual thought:

This week, a girl in testimony meeting shared a story that I would like to share with you guys. She shared a story of a butterfly that was being killed by ants. What was amazing is she related it back to how we have sins. They might not be as big as us but in time the kill us at times physically but more often than not spiritually. They slowly sneak up and climb onto our back and inject their poison. At first, we may not feel one, but than another climbs on and bites and another and another until we die. This death can easily be avoided by brushing them off with the atonement and just keep moving forward….

Butterfly 01

I testify that Jesus lives and that He is my Savior and because of Him, I can live with my Father again and take upon me His glory. Amen