Two Baptisms and a Wedding

I have had a very eventful week so I am beyond excited to tell you guys about it!  My new comp and I have had the opportunity to go into their part of the area and I walked in on three baptisms and a wedding;) sick right? I had one baptism my first day with them and then this last week I had the chance to do a wedding and a baptism this last Friday and Saturday! So I will start off with the wedding.  It was actually quite stressful. I finally realize the real work that goes into doing such a grand thing. We started off Friday with making empanadas for like 5 hours straight but that was the fun part of the day. We actually got many less actives to help us and feel the spirit of service! So as we were doing that,  we were doing a lot of just crazy stuff to be able to help the people be comfortable with us!
Then came the real fun! An hour of blowing up balloons! We had a less active member that just goes crazy when you give him something to do! Being as crafty as we are,  we made flowers out of the balloons and taped them to the wall. In turn it actually looked like someone who actually knew what they were doing had done the decorations. Then for the wedding itself….The weddings here,  to me,  seem like they aren’t even that big of a deal because the lady just rattles something off and then says kiss the bride! But there was a lady that brought a papaya and pineapple and wholly that was soooo delicious!!!!
Spiritual Thoughts:
Do you love Christ?
I am serving a mission because I love Christ,
I teach the people of Bolivia because I love Christ
I read my scriptures because I love Christ
I take the sacrament because I love Christ
I learn more about Christ because I love Him so much
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One thought on “Two Baptisms and a Wedding

  1. Hola mi buen amigo!!! Necesito su correo para comunicarme con usted!!! Un abrazo; ya me estoy recuperando poco a poco y hoy empiezo la fisioterapia para la rodilla; deseo estar otra vez en la misión el próximo mes; ya q esa es una de mi meta… Saludos a todos los chacos 😉


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