The Dance Steps of the Gospel

Wow this was really stressful but super rewarding! I had the opportunity to go to a lot of different houses not just the house I live in. Hmmmmm, I have had a lot of experiences with the spirit that I am not willing to share but  will share one with you this week! It happened on wednesday. we went to a house and there arouse the question of why won’t the church pay for my medical if I pay tithing….? I had a wonderful opportunity to testify in the name of our Savior that the tithing is not for medical and that if we to have the church pay that we would need to have insurance with the church..ha so this lesson was quite interesting. I was guided to say that his son would be healed if he would pay his tithing for only two weeks…. not that much time right? As i was giving this promise, I felt as if my Spirit was coming out of my body it had so much energy…

study: The new conference talk by Wilford W Anderson ” The dance steps of the gospel are the things we do; the music of the gospel is the spiritual feeling that comes from the holy ghost. It brings the change of heart and is the source of all righteous desires” I share this because a lot of time we are only in the dance to dance and not to enjoy the music…I have seen with myself and with many missionaries that this is true. I have also seen that when we are listening to the music I have been able to work miracles in the people! I am able to say what the people need to say. So as a challenge this week, I offer the invitation to listen more than we do!

Consecrated Missionary

I look back on the times that we sent out missionaries two years go from our high-school. It seems like that was yesterday! I am just having a blast here in Bolivia! I have had so many opportunities to learn how to become a better person and missionary! I want to share a lil story with you guys this week about a multi-zone conference we had!

We had a conference about how to be a consecrated missionary. There was a talk given by Bishop Càusse and in this talk he shared a story about a family that was getting ready for church and they were missing their son. As they looked through the house they ended up finding him playing with his toys in his room. The dad then said “Lets go! We have to go to church” The boy looks at the dad and then at his toys. He then turned and got up from his toys and leaves them behind.

I share this story because people can do this with anything! They don’t need to have a plaque to be a consecrated missionary! They just need to leave behind their toys. This can be drugs, alcohol, parties, people that hold you back, cell phones, and much MUCH more!

As I was studying today, I looked under what it means to WORSHIP because I have seen that as members we have in the years, lost this ability.  It says in True to the Faith “to worship God is to give Him your love, reverence, and devotion…if you place any person or thing above the love of God, you are practicing false worship or idolatry” This has absolutely blown me way because I was one of these people! That is why I say that we can do better in this because I have seen when we put the love of God first it really changes not only our lives but the lives of those around us!


So I have been in the house now for two weeks because the comp is a lil mal but I have had many opportunities to study the scriptures and to study the conference talks(which by the way get a whole lot more meaningful when you are on the mish…). Since i am permitted to say whatever I want in these emails, I will share with you a part of the talk by Prez Eyring in the Saturday morning sesh
“And if  thou draw thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness shall be as noon day” isaiah 58:10.
This scripture about the ordinance of fasting hit me so hard that i almost cried… as we all has the opportunity to fast yesterday did we all feel our light grow? Did we feel the loving arms of our father carry us through the fast? I know I did… as I have been sick for a good while now. I  have time and time again tried to fast but could never complete and yesterday for the first time in months, I was able to complete the fast that I had started! I testify that I know that the fast not only help others but strengthens our light, gives us the hope to know that what we are doing is the will of the one true God!
As I have been able to come to know my Father, I have realized that the things He asks really are not much of us.  We are not asked to walk 1000 miles across frozen ground. we are simply asked to go without food for 24 hours so that other will be able to have some. We are not asked to give more than what we have and if we are is because we will receive something greater after. What I want to people to remember  is that we can become more for the Lord to use to further His work or we can be as the man that buried his mite and brought back only what He gave…but I know we are all capable to bring back more:)

I have seen miracles I can not deny.  Like Joseph smith “I knew and I knew God knew and I can not deny!”