Father, Where Shall I Work Today

father where 
This is one of the most beautiful poems that I have ever read and it explains exactly who we should be. We should be the servants of Jesus Christ. Not to please the eyes of the natural man but to be the person that seeks to please our God. I am on a mission that is actually quite big but the zone Los Chacos is really very small…I say this because if I were to have the world, do you think we could help every single person?????? Guys, I am here to testify that each of us are called to tend a small amount of the sons of OUR Heavenly Father;) I know He lives and that Jesus died for our sins and that He loves & knows each of individually!
This week we have had many opportunities to meet less active members that we have  not met yet! This experience is beautiful and sad at the same time…people feel abandoned by their ward their friends and I will say that it the most special thing when you talk to these people and there bodies start to light up with joy because you are there;)
We found a sister Galarza and she is really old and has been less active for two years due to health for two years. She has not had someone pass the sacrament to her in all of this time. We went to go give the sacrament to her and I could see the light come down on her as she was, after two years,  able to take the sacrament and feel this remission of her sins! Love those who can’t do things for themselves:)
Elder Tristan Steel Mell

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