Be Still And Know That I Am God

Saturday we had another baptism of the other missionaries which was super cool! It was two little girls that were able to be baptized by their grandpa and he did an amazing job. I felt the spirit so strong and then afterward we went and taught a lesson to a family.  The spirit legit spoke through me. I could tell that I was not speaking. I found in my study of the Liahona the other day, that there is a part about 6 pages in,  that has a little column. In the column has a scripture  from the Doctricne and Covenants. I can’t remember exactly but it says “Be still and know that I am God” and this was such a big eye opener because I have been trying to do every thing on my own. This has been soooooooo hard. I finally started realizing that I need to let go of my pride a little bit more and just accept the things that come my way. Boy has this worked!!!!! I have been thinking a lot about home… but not about coming home….. just about…. for example:  staying up late and having cookies and milk so I could go to bed of the dunes,  or just being around the family in general. I just miss it but I am loving the mission and I am not coming home till I have served 2 years or the Lord has another need of me! I love and miss each and every person that reads this letter!

IMG_5062 DSCN2675 IMG_4103 DSCN3010 DSCN3013 IMG_4102

Estoy Cansaaaadooooo


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