The Lord Answers Prayers

So about my week… It’s been really trying… but I have learned so much this week! I have really been able to see the Lord answering my prayers. In Abraham 3: 7-9,  it’s talking about the earth, the moon, and other planets and how they all have their times of reckoning. I didn’t understand this at all so I prayed to see what it meant. As I read it again, I found that everything that God creates has a finite time before it is perfected. The earth has less time than the moon and the moon has less time than another planet.  This goes on and on for all of God’s creations…chèvere no?
Then there is our investigator Jose Peña. He is so old and gets so excited for everything. I love the guy to death!!! He says he can’t understand me because he isn’t a gringo….gosh dang gringoness… He has been progressing like crazy and his Spirituality intensifying.
The funniest part of the week was I got pooped on by a pigeon on the head….

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