Service Can Be Dangerous

This week i went proselytizing!!! YES ME!!!! At only four weeks, I went out into the field for a couple of hours and just started talking to people on the street. It was funny cause I went in the most ghetto place you could possibly think of and that where the church was! It was surrounded by a block wall with barbed wire all on top of it and this place was disgusting compared to home.

They kinda just let us loose and so I’m in a trio and we see one of the city workers sitting on the sidewalk alone. We go up and talk to him and we ended up teaching all about the Libro De Mormon! It was absolutely stunning how receptive he was to what we were teaching him! That’s not even the good part!

The best contact we had was with this man also named Carlos. He owns a restaurant and was standing right outside. I got the distinct impression to go say hello. So I did and we ended up talking with this man for 40 minutes!! He invited us in so he could talk to us without any distractions which was amazing! I loved every minute of it!! We ended up inviting him to church on Sunday and asked if he wanted to meet with other missionaries. He gladly said yes and we we all twitterpated!!

Then we thought why not some service. After being denied multiple times, we thought to ask this one man who was scraping graffiti of his house. He waved a knife at us which actually really funny to me!  I also got made fun of by an Area Seventy for maybe taking an extra two seconds to open my eyes….it made me laugh really hard so I was alright with it!!!

coconut bus chapelDSCN2767

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