I have freaking amazing news for this week! I got to participate in my first baptism which was so nerve racking but so amazing at the same time!! I finally feel like I’m changing lives here in Bolivia! I will give you every detail that i can think of! So the baptism font  is like every other baptism font. I got all dressed up in white and put on my white temple shoes. I  was like, man, I feel like an angel! So as the family walked in, I walked out to greet them, The first thing that Hermano Choque said to me is “Wow Mell,  you look like you’re an angel!” This made me smile like I just won the lottery!! So I know the words to the baptism in English but I was a little nervous in Spanish. But I did it!  “Habiendo sido comisionado por jJesucristo, yo te bautizo en el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espritu Santo” I got to do this for both of the younger girl which was amazing!! So Ii have TWO baptisms!!!!  then also Elder Salas baptized their older brother Codi!!

IMG_5063 IMG_5061


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