Family And Friends

Companion:Elder Salas
Sector: Los Chacos 1st
We have something down here called carnival. It means four days locked up in the house, which is fantastic because I brought church movies!!  We had our cambios this week and I am in Chacos 1 still. I can already see why I need to be here more!
This week  I have really thought about the family and everyone back at home. I had some experiences this week that have really opened my eyes to everything that my family and friends did for me. I kinda just want to say thanks and that everything is ok here in Bolivia. I am loving the people , the food, the culture, the scriptures and just bveing able to say that I am a missionary in general. I have really come to know that nothing happens by accident. It’s always for our learning.
This week , nothing really crazy happened besides the blessing I am seeing about how I can explain things in Spanish now (which is probably the biggest blessing I can see)
IMG_4493 IMG_4492 IMG_4491 IMG_4490

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