I Don’t Understand A Word You Just Said…..

I really only had one super good day this week and that was Saturday.It was soooooo funny!!! All of our appointments fell through so me and elder Salas decided to go tracking. He got so excited to talk to this guy and turns out that the guy is deaf!! So we go through our entire speech about who we are and what we do and he says  “Yo no puedo escuchar” (I can’t hear). Then we try to explaining without using words and that didn’t work at all. We were freaking tired from walking for five hours!  Then, we see this family and we decided to contact them. The lady only speaks Quechua which is an ancient language that neither of us know. So,  that was super exciting…


Other than that, not much happened. This area is suuuuuuper hard to get appointments.  Oh, I almost forgot! We found this guy Jose Peña Mendoza. We took to church and he had a blast! Probably because it was testimony meeting which happened to be planned just perfect for him!!!

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