Be Still And Know That I Am God

Saturday we had another baptism of the other missionaries which was super cool! It was two little girls that were able to be baptized by their grandpa and he did an amazing job. I felt the spirit so strong and then afterward we went and taught a lesson to a family.  The spirit legit spoke through me. I could tell that I was not speaking. I found in my study of the Liahona the other day, that there is a part about 6 pages in,  that has a little column. In the column has a scripture  from the Doctricne and Covenants. I can’t remember exactly but it says “Be still and know that I am God” and this was such a big eye opener because I have been trying to do every thing on my own. This has been soooooooo hard. I finally started realizing that I need to let go of my pride a little bit more and just accept the things that come my way. Boy has this worked!!!!! I have been thinking a lot about home… but not about coming home….. just about…. for example:  staying up late and having cookies and milk so I could go to bed of the dunes,  or just being around the family in general. I just miss it but I am loving the mission and I am not coming home till I have served 2 years or the Lord has another need of me! I love and miss each and every person that reads this letter!

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Estoy Cansaaaadooooo




I have freaking amazing news for this week! I got to participate in my first baptism which was so nerve racking but so amazing at the same time!! I finally feel like I’m changing lives here in Bolivia! I will give you every detail that i can think of! So the baptism font  is like every other baptism font. I got all dressed up in white and put on my white temple shoes. I  was like, man, I feel like an angel! So as the family walked in, I walked out to greet them, The first thing that Hermano Choque said to me is “Wow Mell,  you look like you’re an angel!” This made me smile like I just won the lottery!! So I know the words to the baptism in English but I was a little nervous in Spanish. But I did it!  “Habiendo sido comisionado por jJesucristo, yo te bautizo en el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espritu Santo” I got to do this for both of the younger girl which was amazing!! So Ii have TWO baptisms!!!!  then also Elder Salas baptized their older brother Codi!!

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Family And Friends

Companion:Elder Salas
Sector: Los Chacos 1st
We have something down here called carnival. It means four days locked up in the house, which is fantastic because I brought church movies!!  We had our cambios this week and I am in Chacos 1 still. I can already see why I need to be here more!
This week  I have really thought about the family and everyone back at home. I had some experiences this week that have really opened my eyes to everything that my family and friends did for me. I kinda just want to say thanks and that everything is ok here in Bolivia. I am loving the people , the food, the culture, the scriptures and just bveing able to say that I am a missionary in general. I have really come to know that nothing happens by accident. It’s always for our learning.
This week , nothing really crazy happened besides the blessing I am seeing about how I can explain things in Spanish now (which is probably the biggest blessing I can see)
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The Lord Answers Prayers

So about my week… It’s been really trying… but I have learned so much this week! I have really been able to see the Lord answering my prayers. In Abraham 3: 7-9,  it’s talking about the earth, the moon, and other planets and how they all have their times of reckoning. I didn’t understand this at all so I prayed to see what it meant. As I read it again, I found that everything that God creates has a finite time before it is perfected. The earth has less time than the moon and the moon has less time than another planet.  This goes on and on for all of God’s creations…chèvere no?
Then there is our investigator Jose Peña. He is so old and gets so excited for everything. I love the guy to death!!! He says he can’t understand me because he isn’t a gringo….gosh dang gringoness… He has been progressing like crazy and his Spirituality intensifying.
The funniest part of the week was I got pooped on by a pigeon on the head….

I Don’t Understand A Word You Just Said…..

I really only had one super good day this week and that was Saturday.It was soooooo funny!!! All of our appointments fell through so me and elder Salas decided to go tracking. He got so excited to talk to this guy and turns out that the guy is deaf!! So we go through our entire speech about who we are and what we do and he says  “Yo no puedo escuchar” (I can’t hear). Then we try to explaining without using words and that didn’t work at all. We were freaking tired from walking for five hours!  Then, we see this family and we decided to contact them. The lady only speaks Quechua which is an ancient language that neither of us know. So,  that was super exciting…


Other than that, not much happened. This area is suuuuuuper hard to get appointments.  Oh, I almost forgot! We found this guy Jose Peña Mendoza. We took to church and he had a blast! Probably because it was testimony meeting which happened to be planned just perfect for him!!!

What is faith?

My testimony has grown this week so much in the power of study! This week I have had the opportunity to study about faith…what is faith? Faith is having confidence in Jesus Christ and I can tell you the day you put all of your confidence in Him is the day He does the same. For example, this week as I have been tried with having a new companion that is Latino. It has been super hard to have faith but I can bear testimony that when I gave up myself and put trust in the Lord, I found strength.


Service Can Be Dangerous

This week i went proselytizing!!! YES ME!!!! At only four weeks, I went out into the field for a couple of hours and just started talking to people on the street. It was funny cause I went in the most ghetto place you could possibly think of and that where the church was! It was surrounded by a block wall with barbed wire all on top of it and this place was disgusting compared to home.

They kinda just let us loose and so I’m in a trio and we see one of the city workers sitting on the sidewalk alone. We go up and talk to him and we ended up teaching all about the Libro De Mormon! It was absolutely stunning how receptive he was to what we were teaching him! That’s not even the good part!

The best contact we had was with this man also named Carlos. He owns a restaurant and was standing right outside. I got the distinct impression to go say hello. So I did and we ended up talking with this man for 40 minutes!! He invited us in so he could talk to us without any distractions which was amazing! I loved every minute of it!! We ended up inviting him to church on Sunday and asked if he wanted to meet with other missionaries. He gladly said yes and we we all twitterpated!!

Then we thought why not some service. After being denied multiple times, we thought to ask this one man who was scraping graffiti of his house. He waved a knife at us which actually really funny to me!  I also got made fun of by an Area Seventy for maybe taking an extra two seconds to open my eyes….it made me laugh really hard so I was alright with it!!!

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Playing Volleyball

This week has been freaking crazy. I have some of the best companions a missionary could as for. They remind me of all my friends back home. It as been so crazy spiritual but so much fun at the same time.  We play volleyball every day and it so intense. You could say I’m a pro, but that would be lying. I honestly love it here. It’s has been really rough this week thinking of home, but I know that I am suppose to be here.

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